One Day Soon (One Day Soon #1)

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He found me in blood and tears.
I stayed with him through darkness and fire.

We loved each other in the moment between innocence and bitter truth.
We were the kids easily ignored, who grew into adults we hardly knew.

We weren’t meant to last forever. And we didn’t.

He ran away.
I tried to move on.

Yet I never stopped thinking about the boy who had fought to keep me alive in a world that would have swallowed me whole. He was the past that I buried, but never forgot.

Until the day I found him again, years after believing I had lost him forever.

And in cold, resentful eyes, I saw the heart of the man who had been everything when I had nothing at all. So I vowed to hold onto the second chance that was stolen from the children we had been.

Sometimes fate is ugly. Life can be twisted.
And who we are can be ruined by who we once were.

For two people who had survived so much, we would have to learn how to hold on before we were forced to let go.

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  • Original Title:One Day Soon (One Day Soon #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.2 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published February 16th 2016 by A. Meredith Walters


Fifteen years ago

Thunder crashed overhead and I huddled underneath the bridge, wanting the rain to stop.

But it never stopped. It was wet, dreary, and miserable with no end in sight.

I was cold.

A deep in my bones, never get warm cold. I wrapped the frayed edges of my coat around my too thin body. My dark hair hung down my back.

No one would glance at me twice. I kept my chin tucked into my chest, careful not to look at anyone.

Life had taught me hard lessons. Don’t give away what you can’t afford to lose. A smile. A glance. Your tears.

Your soul.

Things had been different the day I had met him.

He looked at me and I was trapped.

It was too late. He held me prisoner with his green eyes and soft smile meant only for me.

He sucked me dry and laid my heart to waste.

I wanted to run, run, run.

Far and fast so no one could...

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Mila · 06-12-2018

Inspirational, it makes me appreciate what I have

Janzy · 06-12-2018

Love it ..really good book

Viv · 06-13-2018

This story is so sad. It's heavy and lasting. I wanted Yoss and Imi to have a happy ending so much because they deserve it.

Guest · 06-13-2018

Woow, i enjoyed this story so much,I'm glad i read this book and I'm happy Yoss and Im got their happy ending. Thanks Meredith Walter for this lovely story about believing in second chance and true love.

Aby · 06-13-2018

Thanks Mila,your review made me read the book and i'm glad i did.

Monika · 06-14-2018

I was sad but enjoyed reading a different story

Guest 2 · 06-16-2018

It s a sad but beautiful story..well written..very Involving storyline..loved it

Circe · 06-16-2018

It was heartbreakingly beautiful. I can't describe the love between Yosso and Imi. Even with life and death on stake.