Only With Me (With Me #2)

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  • Original Title:Only With Me (With Me #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:9.26 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781943633272
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published April 27th 2017 by Kelly Elliott


“SO, WHAT DO you do when you’re not . . . SWAT teaming?”

I glanced up at the young woman standing at our table. Her bright-red lips puckered out in an attempt to look sexy while she leaned over and put her tits on display. All I really wanted to do was tell her she had lipstick on her front tooth. Focusing back on my sandwich, I ignored her. It was a dick-move, but damn it all to hell, I just wanted to eat.

Phil, another SWAT team member, answered her. “We train, ma’am.”

The waitress laughed. “Ma’am? Holy shit, how old do I look?”

None of us answered. Hell, we knew better than to touch that shit with a ten-foot pole. If I was to guess though, I’d say she couldn’t have been more than twenty.

“What kind of training?” she asked.

Cole kicked me under the table. She wasn’t going to go away until I talked to her. With a sigh, I put my sli...

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TY. · 08-12-2018

Wow! real hot.

hadel · 11-10-2018


ghost · 11-11-2018

Awwwweeeeeeee am in love. .....I had so much fun........10/10 ...highly recommend

Lil · 11-12-2018


u. · 11-15-2018

Wow!! Love this book!

u. · 11-29-2018

I can't move on!! The Fighter by Keith Urban remind me of Nic n Gabi.. ~>_<~

Salti · 11-29-2018

So good