Over Us, Over You

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From New York Times bestselling author Whitney G. comes a falling for my older brother’s best friend romance.

Subject: Delete this message after you read it...

Dear Hayley,

I'm assuming you're still hungover, so I'll make this brief.

Last night, you slipped under my sheets (without my permission), and we almost had sex. I got the hell out of the bed once I realized it was you, and I took you home.

That's the story.

The end.


Just in case you've forgotten, you're my best friend's little sister. We will never be anything more. (We can't be anything more.) Our previous friendship is still unresolved--or "over" in your terms, so I'd prefer if we worked on becoming 'just friends' again since you're in town.

Nonetheless, I'm not a man who leaves questions unanswered--even the drunken ones, so to properly close our inappropriate conversation:

1) Yes, I liked the way your lips felt against mine when you were on top of me.
2) Yes, I do "prefer" rough sex, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't rough with you.
3) No, I had no idea you were still a virgin...

This message never happened,

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  • Original Title:Over Us, Over You
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.24 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published December 7th 2017


Part One

This Can’t Be Happening to Me





(Present Day)

Seattle, Washington






THE BLACK AND BOLD words in front of my face said it all, but I was still having a hard time accepting the truth. As Seattle’s soft morning rain fell over me, I traced my fingers around the words “Tenant Notice,” trying not to remember how excited I once was when I first signed the lease.

Months ago, my coffee and wine bar was open and thriving—serving tourists and locals alike whenever they ventured downtown. But now, the only thing I had to show for all the hopes, sweat, and tears I’d poured into every cup of coffee was a soaking wet pink notice of failure.

Sighing, I peeled the ...

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Tarita · 03-03-2018

A perfect read :) If you truly believe in love♡♡

Meka · 03-19-2018

Sweet romance. I don't really like these kind of books but it was okay

Christella · 03-22-2018

This book was awesome, I couldn't stop reading. It really was good. I enjoyed it.

Maria · 05-15-2018

I really loved this book

Quepaso · 05-22-2018

This is cuuute! Lol Now i need to get hold of the statham brother story (if there is such a story) hehe

ghost · 11-16-2018

Great read

u. · 11-23-2018

Whoa! Absolutely great story!

Oon · 11-26-2018

Definitely recommend this book for a short read. You’ll actually root for the main characters and the sexual parts are pretty mild.

Ouyen · 11-27-2018

I love this book and I loveeee this author.