Panda Bear Buns (The Twelve Dancing Bears #5)

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These panda bears can’t be bamboozled…

Ashley Ortiz goes to Bear Buns with her coworkers Linda and Miranda to have a good time and watch their premier show staring The Twelve Dancing Bears, but the last thing she expects is to become part of the show! When she meets the hot cocoa sweet Onyx and his dance partner Jet, she learns that panda bear shifters can be downright sexy…but when a fire alarm gets pulled at Bear Buns, she gets separated from Onyx and Jet before she can learn if she’s their fated mate! But fate has more tricks up her sleeve for this menage of fated mates…

Onyx Li and Jet Chang are more than just panda bear shifters…

The Bear Buns dance club is a male strip club featuring an all shifter revue. Their most famous dancers? Six pairs of bears, The Twelve Dancing Bears, who are looking to make connections with six special ladies. That’s right. All six pairs of bears want a menage romance. Asian-American bear shifters Onyx and Jet joined The Twelve Dancing Bears as a pair of dancers looking for one thing and one thing only: their fated mate, a mate that the two of them could share in a menage, in their private silk pagoda and out on the Seattle streets. However, these two pandas are used to the stage, as they’re renowned actors who are part of the cast of the most popular historical musical sweeping the nation, ‘Franklin’, playing the parts of two of the founding furries.

Is it too late for Ashley to find her fated mates?

Ashley can’t stop herself from dreaming about the chocolate brown panda and the black and white pandas she saw on stage, and she wonders if they’re dreaming about her too. She knows that there’s something special there…but when Linda and Miranda score tickets to the hottest musical in town and invite her out the next weekend to see ‘Franklin’ with a few shifter guys from the office, she isn’t about to refuse. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen? What she should be asking herself is, what’s the best thing that fate might have in store for her…and those pandas’ bear buns? Who pulled the fire alarm at Bear Buns? And when shifter worlds collide, will the fur fly?

Find “Panda Bear Buns", a full length standalone 25,000 word novella with no cliffhangers, featuring a guaranteed happy ending. This is the fourth book in a brand new Sable Sylvan fairy tale romance series, "The Twelve Dancing Bears", featuring six pairs of bears who are looking for their fated mate. All books are set at the Bear Buns strip club, a place where fate brings together mates, and the male entertainers are focused on worshiping women. Things get hot and heavy fast, but can these guys prove that they have more to offer than rock hard bodies?

All books in the series feature a BBW's sensual curves as a hot and spicy menage, featuring male on male scenes, bisexual male/female scenes (yes, where the guys touch), and of course, three-on-ones that are all about the lady. Like all Sable Sylvan books, they are full length standalone novellas, at least 25,000 words (100 pages) long, with no cliffhangers, a guaranteed HEA, no cheating on the parts of the heroes, and of course, fated mates, true love, and fairy tale least if fate has anything to do with it.

Check out the rest of the series: look out for "Grizzly Bear Buns”, “Polar Bear Buns”, “Black Bear Buns", "Cinnamon Bear Buns", and "Koala Bear Buns", and meet all six pairs...of bear buns.

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  • Original Title:Panda Bear Buns (The Twelve Dancing Bears #5)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.68 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published March 3rd 2017 by Sable Sylvan


Chapter One

As Ashley Ortiz got out of the car with Miranda and Linda Nelson, the sisters who worked with her at the Asher-Dixon Lumber Company, she had to admit to herself that she was surprised. When she heard the words ‘all-male strip club’, she thought ‘seedy bar with retired pool-boys hopped up on steroids.’ She didn’t think classy theater that looked like it belonged in either 1920s Chicago or modern day Denver’s mansion district. The sign reading ‘Bear Buns’ was brightly lit in a honey gold brush script. On the marquee was a sign reading, ‘The Twelve Dancing Bears Ft. Onyx + Jet’, and along the sides leading up to the venue were six posters.

“Come on, we can check the posters out later,” said Miranda, taking Ashley by the arm.

“Yeah, there’s an awesome merch shop inside,” said Linda.

Miranda and Linda led Ashley into the brightly li...

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Fantastic. A great read!!

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short and sweet

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