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  • Original Title:Personal Delivery
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  • Rating:8.34 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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Chapter One




Eight days after Thanksgiving


I now recognize the sound of his truck turning off in front of my building.

Not only do I recognize it, but my heartbeat picks up and I get flushed when I hear the low growl cutting out, followed by the clank of metal as he pulls up the back door to grab my package…

Grab my package?

Does that sound dirty, or is it just me?

I scramble off the couch and pace into the kitchen. This is a good place to be when he knocks—it’s a decent distance from the door, so it’ll take me enough time to get there that he won’t know I know he’s already here.

He won’t even be thinking about that, I tell myself.

It doesn’t matter.

I know that I’m thinking about it.

I’m all hot and bothered for the new delivery guy, ...

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meka · 02-19-2018

Some funny parts it was an okay read was abit disappointed no drama

i rizky · 04-08-2018

So Jake was a billionaire in disguise but at first she didn't know. Funny witty conversations... Good book...

queen · 04-09-2018

Nice steamy book

Guest · 05-05-2018

Oh how i love this story! The billionaire jake disguise for being a delivery boy!