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Rich, handsome... and dangerously bored.


I've got more money than I know what to do with, and all the time in the world to spend it, so who can judge me for having a little fun? A prank here and there, just to keep me sharp.
So when disgraced starlet Ava Cassidy poured her heart out to me over shots in a Vegas lounge, I knew we were in for one wild night. But when she woke up with no memory of what we did the night before, well, who could blame me for wanting to just mess with her a little?

I never thought she'd actually believe me when I told her we got married.

Now we're headed on our "honeymoon" and I'm in way over my head. If I tell her the truth, there's no way she'll stay with me.
And I want her to stay.
But how long can I sustain the biggest prank of my life?


In Hollywood, everyone is fake. Everyone is acting, all the time.
Acting cool.
Acting smart.
Acting beautiful.
Acting sweet.
Acting however they think they need in order to win them the part or the deal or the headline.

I should know. I’m an actress.

Which means I should have known better than to fall for Bennett.

Pranked is a fun and sexy stand-alone novel of 50k words and an HEA,

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  • Original Title:Pranked
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  • Rating:7.74 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published August 13th 2016









I woke from a deep sleep to the unmistakable feeling of an icepick being shoved through my left eye.

It shouldn’t have been unexpected, though. This might have been my first hangover, but popular media had led me to believe they were always like this. I just hadn’t properly considered the consequences when I’d started drinking yesterday afternoon.

TMZ would have a ball with this, if they ever found out about it. “America’s Sweetheart, Ava Cassidy, goes on a drinking binge 12 hours into unemployment.” I knew the world had just been waiting for me to follow in the footsteps of those before me. First you’re “America’s Sweetheart,” then you’re shaving your head or being arrested on national television. Unemployment was just the beginning.


The tho...

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Flor · 07-16-2018

Very funny stories, bennet pranking Ava that they are married after 1 night drunken that she didnt remember but it was a lie marriage. They got 2nd fake marriage again for a show to take back Avas career as an actress then finally they admitted they are inlove ended marrying for 3rd time and its a real weddinb no lies no more pranks. Worth reading