PRINCE CHARMING: A Stepbrother Secret Baby Romance

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Becoming an instant princess is hard enough, but living with a sexy prince an entire summer is even harder. And if that isn’t enough, a secret pregnancy with twins complicates things, especially when the prince is supposed to marry someone else!

The last thing Olivia, from small town Nebraska, expected to happen was for her mom to fall in love with the king of the tiny kingdom of Bijoux. Being a princess wasn’t going to be easy, but having to live with Quincy, a tattooed, self-proclaimed bad boy was even harder. Olivia knows his dangerous eyes and mysterious tattoos are totally off limits, but she can’t help falling for a man who will stop at nothing to show her how much he desires her, including sacrificing his kingdom.

Quincy, night clubber and reluctant prince, knows Olivia is off limits. She is, after all, the new queen’s daughter, and he’s been charged with showing her the ropes and teaching her about being royalty. Besides, he’s aware of the tradition that demands he marry a chosen bride by the end of the summer. If only Olivia didn’t drive him so wild! Every time he touches her, he realizes those rules are made to be broken and no one would come between him and the woman he desires the most.

Publisher's note: This is a full-length, standalone novel. Happily Ever After with no cliffhanger! As a bonus and thank you to my readers, this edition of PRINCE CHARMING includes two FREE stepbrother sexy romance books!

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  • Original Title:PRINCE CHARMING: A Stepbrother Secret Baby Romance
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.66 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published June 19th 2016



Chapter 1


 Married? To a king? When did I get dropped into a fairytale?

 When her mom said she was going on vacation to the Caribbean for a few weeks, Olivia thought she would come back with a tan and a few good stories to share. Normal vacation stuff like a normal person.

Instead she returned with a hunk of a diamond on her finger, engaged to a king.

 “Can we go over this again?” Olivia yelled out her bedroom door.

 She heard her mom’s heels click on the hardwood floor before she popped her head inside, all smiles and shining eyes. “I went to a tropical paradise, met the king by accident, and after a month of dating, we fell madly in love with each other.”

 “And now you’re just going to marry him?”

 Melinda sat down on her daughter’s bed, helped fold some shirts, and tucked them away i...

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