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I am going to start this off with a HUGE thank you to all my readers for picking up a copy of Laid Bare. A bit of fair warning, this is a short threesome erotica I wrote as a fun freebie for followers of my newsletter. If you haven’t, be sure to join and get exclusive freebies, giveaways, and updates before anyone else. I’m contemplating a continuation. Jinny and her boys are chattering away in my head and it’s becoming harder to ignore. I would definitely love your take; should we continue or is this smutty one shot just enough?

So, aside from steamy sex with two hot men, this novella contains strong language.


I would also like to send loves to my beta readers for reading through and loving Jinny, Eli, and Joel as much as I did writing them. You girls amaze me!

Kisses to my editor for her time, love, and attention. Thank you for all you do and for being such an amazing friend and an unwavering soundboard.

My team for having my back and pushing me to be the best I can be. Thank you all so much!


Thank you all and happy reading! <3



Chapter One




“Remind me again why you’re waiting.”

Sarah flicked back a glossy coil of lush blonde hair over one shoulder and behind her ear, making her earring swing. The silver hoop caught the dim light radiating from the kitchen and the cluster of diamonds embedded into the metal sparked as passionately as the determination in her vivid blue eyes.

Jinny was almost afraid to ask. “Waiting?”

“For them!”

Sarah thrust her delicate chin upward in clear indication, all the while studying something in the distance with a predatory gleam that made Jinny think of a feral cat honing in on a wounded bird.

She followed the not so subtle gesture and focused on the two framed in the open doorway of their tiny kitchen. The grimy lightbulb overhead spilled a dull glow over their perfect features, painting shadows in the hollows of their cheeks and in the dips of their temples. It made Eli’s dark hair appear impossibly black and turned Joel’s soft curls a deeper shade of chocolate. The pair stood eye level with only a foot of space between them, wrapped in their discussion.

Jinny could nail them with a fistful of nachos from the bowl in her lap, yet she couldn’t hear a word they were saying. Whatever it was had creases forming between Joel’s brows and Eli nodding slowly in deliberation. Every so often, Joel would roll a shoulder and make a random hand gesture that would lift Eli’s eyebrows over his intense gray eyes. Tucked between his long fingers, Eli flipped his lucky coin expertly over his knuckles. The light caught the metal and the silver glinted with every effortless cartwheel; it was a habit he’d had for as long as Jinny had known him. Most times, she wasn’t even sure he was aware he was doing it.

“What are you talking about?” Jinny turned back to the woman twirling a blonde strand around a manicured finger.

“Them!” Sarah hissed again, like that was supposed to make a difference.

“What about them?”

Sarah rolled her blue eyes. “Sweetheart, if I have to spell it out for you, then we clearly have bigger problems.” She huffed when Jinny continued staring at her, bemused. “Why have you not fucked them yet?”

Jinny’s eyes widened in more than just mere horror. “Are you serious?”

One bleached eyebrow lifted. “Don’t I look serious?”

“They’re gay!” Jinny pointed out, struggling to keep her voice down. “And I don’t come equipped with the right sort of equipment for that position.”

“Oh, trust me, you got the right equipment for all their needed positions.”

Heat swelled beneath Jinny’s cheeks, turning her fair complexion a frightening shade of crimson that she tried to conceal behind a lock of hair that had slipped free of her messy bun.

“You’re being crazy.”

Yet she wasn’t immune or ignorant to the flutter that formed in her chest, the one that always seemed to make its presence known when the subject of Joel and Eli came up, topics that involved having them. But as she had done for the better part of eight years, she dug a deep, deep hole and quickly buried the feelings before they took root and blossomed into something that would never happen.

“Am I?” Sarah folded her arms across her plump chest, pushing her generous cleavage higher over the low V neck of her blouse. “I’ve seen the way they look at you. Trust me, they might be into each other, but they are definitely into you.”

She wasn’t entirely sure she believed that. Sarah had a tendency to embellish and dramatize every problem. Her idea of solving most things was a good bout of wild and feral fucking and Jinny … Jinny couldn’t even think about sex without spontaneously combusting from lack of, which was a task in itself when her roommates made her want nothing else.

It was never made clear where the pair stood relationship wise. The first day she’d met them, they’d approached her together and Joel had done most of the talking, but not once did either of them ever give her an inclination just where their sexual preferences stood. Jinny had put the pieces together herself when she noticed how neither never seemed interested in dating and how the two were always together. When they had moved in together, the two had selflessly offered her the secondary bedroom, volunteering to share the master suite to accommodate both their beds and furniture. While to most that would seem logical, but adding that with the fact that she had never seen either of them with a woman, solidified her conclusion that the pair was definitely gay.

But whatever their preference, Jinny respected them too much to prod. It was their business and if they didn’t want to bring it up, neither would she. Plus, ignorance was bliss. If they were straight and just not bringing their women home … she really didn’t want to know.

“And if they’re not?” She hoisted both eyebrows high in emphasis. “Then I will have ruined one of the best things in my life. No thank you. I’m fine with things being the way they are. Besides,” she popped another chip into her mouth and chewed, “sex is easy to get. What I have with Eli and Joel … completely irreplaceable.”

She loved the two too much to jeopardize years of friendship on one of Sarah’s ludicrous hunches. Besides, the last person in the world to ever make a move was Jinny Walter. She was just not built that way.

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