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“Says the guy who concocted his own herbal, anti-itch salve for Shayna when she had the chicken pox.”

“I’m well-rounded. Harrison can play Bach and pirouette around the living room, but he can’t make a free throw or catch a football to save his life.”

“I don’t think his lack of athletic ability is a life-or-death situation. Right, baby?”

Cage’s gaze flitted between us. “I think it’s time for Jeffrey to come home.”

He jabbed his thumb toward the door. “I’ll let you two work this out.”


“Just smart,” he called before the door shut behind him.

Flint and I stared at each other for a few seconds before we both chuckled. “Feels like the old days.”

Flint nodded. “The second we’d start to argue, he’d flee.”

“Those were the days.”

“Think he misses it?”

“Us fighting?”

Flint shook his head. “Football. I’ve never wanted to ask.”

I set my spoon in the bowl and stared at it for a few seconds. “Sure, I mean … you both get together to watch every game. So you know he still loves it, but I don’t think he’s ever second-guessed his decision. And it’s not that I haven’t looked. When he’s watching ESPN or looking through old pictures, I stare at him, waiting to see a tiny glimpse of sadness or longing for that life.”

I shook my head. “But I don’t. For over six years all I’ve ever seen is complete adoration for this life we have, our kids, and his job.” A smile tugged at my lips. “He says football was just a fun way to make ‘a little money’ while he waited for his life to really begin—while he waited for me.”

“Do you worry that when you’re done having kids he’ll get restless and start to feel a little regret?”

“Ha! I worry that we’re never going to be done having kids, and if that day comes, I have a feeling he’ll be too old and senile to remember that he ever played the sport.”

“Mommy?” Amelia called.

“I hear him, sweetie.” I held up a finger to Flint as I turned toward the bedroom to get Colton from his crib.

Flint grinned when I returned with my smiling six-month old in my arms. “Hey, buddy.”

“Where’s Harrison anyway?”

Flint ruffled Colton’s head of thick, blond hair. “Birthday party.” He looked at his watch. “I have to pick him up in an hour.” His eyes latched back onto Colton then shifted to Amelia as she brought her plate back into the kitchen.

“You need a wife, Flint. And at least three more kids.”

“No.” He shook his head just as Cage and Jeffrey showed up.

“Jeffrey Aric Monaghan! What happened to your hair?” I gasped at his mohawk.

“Brock’s mom thought they were playing in the basement. They were actually in the bathroom with his dad’s beard trimmer.”

Jeffrey smiled. “It’s cool.”

It was hideous. Only a complete head shaving would fix it.

Flint kissed me on the cheek and Colton on the head. “Sure, Lake. I need more kids and a wife.”

I couldn’t erase the grimace from my face as my eyes remained fixed to Jeffrey.

“Looks awesome, big guy.” Flint held out his fist and Jeffrey gave him knuckles. Then he gave Cage a man hug and whispered something in his ear that brought a huge smile to Cage’s face.

“Trust me. I know,” Cage replied just before Flint closed the door.


After dinner, a complete head shaving and three baths, we finally collapsed into bed, enjoying the temporary silence around us. Cage slid down my panties then pulled off my T-shirt.

I loved how after three kids, he still looked at me like a miracle.

“What did Flint whisper in your ear before he left?” My words came out breathy as his tongue circled my nipple.

“Same thing he said to me on our wedding day when you were walking down the aisle.”

“And what was that?” My hips jerked as his hand slid between my legs.

“He said, ‘best decision of your life, buddy.’”

The End




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