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“Oh.” Kennedy’s eyebrows draw together, and the sadness is back. “I understand.”

“Don’t be silly,” Reagan says, grabbing Kennedy’s hand in hers. “You’re coming too.”

Kennedy claps her hands together and smiles. “No boys, right?”


“But we can pick them up there?” Kennedy smiles brightly.

“Like we’re beer?” I ask her.

Kennedy turns in her chair and eyes me for a moment. “Don’t act like men don’t use women all the time.”

I throw my hands up. “I’m not placing judgment.”

Kennedy’s satisfied and turns her attention back to her sister. “I promise to behave.” She pauses and laughs. “I take that back. You behave, and I’ll party like a rock star.”

“You do whatever you want to do, honey,” Reagan tells her just as the chocolate cake is placed in front of us.

“Maybe we should do a group trip,” I add, because thinking of them on their own in the Bahamas drunk and surrounded by men has me on edge. They turn to me with furrowed brows. “What? It’s an idea. It could be a lot of fun.”

“Jude, sweetie.” Reagan rests her hand on my arm, brushing her fingertips across my tattoo. “Go to Vegas. Party your ass off, but not too much.” She laughs. “And then come back to me.”

I smile and place my hand over hers. “Do I need to send security with you?”

“We don’t need a babysitter,” Kennedy says before Reagan can answer.

“We’ll be fine.”

“Yeah,” I say, because there’s no one in the world I trust more than Reagan.

We’re to be married in a month. She’ll shed the Preston name and become mine. Reagan Titan. It has a nice ring to it. Last year when I entered the race and she became my opponent, I never thought I’d be sitting across from her, engaged, and completely content with my life.

It’s funny how things happen.

Life has a way of doing that.

Slapping us in the face and reminding us that we’re not in control. Maybe things are predestined, and no matter what we do, the events will unfold without our help.

Reagan came into my life at the right moment but under the wrong circumstances. What should’ve never turned into a relationship, let alone love, became the best thing in my life.

I can’t imagine a day without her now. Her sunshine and happiness, shining all over my life and blocking out the darkness that once filled my world.

I can’t wait until the day we say “I do” and start a new chapter in our life. When I decided to run for Senate, all I wanted was to win. I had no idea I’d get a bigger victory out of it.

Love doesn’t give a shit about our plans. It’s more stubborn and unyielding than any of us will ever be. Once it takes hold, all we can do is give in.

The End



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