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“After the bathroom.” I clasped her hand. “We have four hours.”

She rolled her eyes, but she gave in, taking my lead into the bathroom.

I turned on the water and pulled her dress over her head. “If you’re hell bent on retiring from performing and simply teaching, we’ll have more time to spend together.”

“More time for you to convince me to leave New York?”

“We really don’t have a reason to stay,” I said, threading my fingers through her hair. “If you’re going to teach, you can commute.”

“And if I don’t teach? If I decide to continue dancing instead?”

“I’ll buy season tickets.” I cupped her face in my hands, raising my eyebrow. “I never asked you to retire, Aubrey…I just think you need a break. You haven’t taken a week off in more than six years…”

“I am going to take a break…”

“Is it going to last longer than two days?”

“A lot longer…”

“Two weeks?”

“It’ll be at least nine months…”

“What?” I backed up, shocked. We’d stopped using protection once we moved in together, but she’d still taken birth control. "What are you saying, Aubrey?"

"I’m saying you’re going to be a father," she said, nearly whispering. “And I think that’s a good enough reason for us to stay…”

I was silent for several seconds, pressing my palm against her flat stomach.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “Is this not something that you wanted? I wanted to tell you this morning, but you were in a rush, so—”

I cut her off with a deep kiss and pulled her close, rubbing my hands against her bare back. “I’m more than okay…” I looked into her eyes. “It is something I wanted…”

She murmured, “I love you,” against my lips and I said it back.

Breathless, she leaned against the shower door. “Can you go fax my letter now? It would really be nice if, for once, I wasn’t late doing something because you have no self-control and were too busy f**king me.”

“I’ll definitely fax your letter…” I drew her lip into my mouth and squeezed her ass. “After the bathroom.”

**End of Episode 3**

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