Reborn (Alpha's Claim #3)

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There is a greater threat than the virus.

Locked safely away in Shepherd’s nest, Claire is unaware of what stirs above ground. Her time is occupied fighting a war of another kind. Due to her mate’s relentless exploitation of their pair-bond, the nature of their link has grown consuming to the point that Claire has difficulty differentiating where her feelings begin and his end.

Under its influence, she’s forced to sense the man behind the monster. She can feel the truth of his terrible history. Claire can see the source of madness that drives Shepherd to do such terrible things: Svana.

His mate is desperate to open his eyes, but no matter Claire’s progress, Svana is not yet done with him.

Thólos is coming apart at the seams, and Shepherd’s men can do nothing to stop it. Real war is coming, and unless the Alpha tyrant is willing to pay the ultimate price, everything he has sacrificed will have been for nothing.

Reborn, the final installment in Addison Cain’s bestselling Alpha’s Claim trilogy, is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes, disturbing situations, and complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

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  • Original Title:Reborn (Alpha's Claim #3)
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  • Rating:7.96 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
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Chapter 1


Collar of his coat flipped up to protect his neck from the growing cold of the halls, Shepherd returned at last from being called away by his soldiers. He found his mate nervous, the acrid scent of Omega fear spoiling the air. But, mostly she was expectant and blissfully unaware of just what was going on above ground.

And he would never tell her.

Shepherd made no move to approach the panicky woman, he simply stood as Claire looked him over from boots to skull. The Omega searched out any hint of what had called him from her, looking for blood splatter, or the swelling of his knuckles, relieved when she found nothing out of the ordinary.

His Claire was angry, but far more reassured that he’d returned seeming normal.

When the Omega stepped forward to touch him, to initiate what had to be done to seal their bargain, Shepherd spoke. “You are hungry, little one. We will eat ...

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Shireen · 11-27-2017

looooved it!!!

delta cross · 06-29-2018

I Like The Book But The Ending Sucks. I Would Like To Knw If She Reunited With Shepherd

Guest · 09-26-2018

The ending is literally fucked up!!!!

Guest · 10-02-2018

Read the next book

Angie · 10-03-2018

Estoy deseando que suban mas libros de Addison Cain

skye · 12-26-2018

read the series and i must say....the ending sucks....where is her happy ending?😭

Guest · 01-01-2019


Capricorn · 01-02-2019

After everything she went through.....where's her HEA? I mean come on i've cried so much reading this series and this is how it end. #dissapointedAndHurt😭😭

myra · 01-13-2019

the ending sucks!

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Flor · 01-18-2019

All i can say is WOW!

Tunie · 01-17-2019

Okay, not what I though

willy · 01-17-2019

worth reading

abby · 01-17-2019


ziana · 01-17-2019

quite amazing.

Simone · 01-17-2019

So sweet. I loved it.

izzy · 01-17-2019

superb story ...superb!!

mitali · 01-17-2019

worth reading