Rebound (Men of Inked Series #2.3)

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After losing the love of his life to another man, Flash is heartbroken and lost.

Wanted to forget, he heads to New Orleans. He finds the unexpected.

A chance encounter could alter his fate or will she become his rebound?

This novella is part of the "Night Shift: Dirty Things Happen in the Dark" Anthology.

All proceeds will be donated to charity.

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  • Original Title:Rebound (Men of Inked Series #2.3)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.4 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published March 2015





Stay With Me Tonight



“Oh my God, Sam!” she cried out. “Yes!” I pounded into her. She was on all fours, fisting the sheets with her head tipped back.

“So fuckin’ good,” I bit out through gritted teeth. I held her by the waist, pulling her against my cock as I took the strokes deep. Her smooth skin was almost translucent under my hands. Perspiration started to collect on her flesh¸ glimmering in the candlelight. If my cock didn’t feel so damn good inside her pussy, I would’ve licked a path up her spine, collecting the moisture.

“Harder,” she begged.

I slowed my pace. Her short hair bounced with each thrust. I’d give her exactly what she asked for. I grabbed the strands in one hand, gathering them into a ponytail and gripping it tightly. Using it like reins, I pulled her back as ...

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Flor · 12-14-2018

Very nice story❤️

Pipiet · 12-14-2018

Wrong title?...or wrong story?...

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Oh.. ^^

ghost · 12-13-2018

Such a great book

Ryan Reynolds · 12-13-2018

Tris getting tortured is some of the ble[...]

Flor · 12-13-2018

It as good and fun in the end