Right in Front of You

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Carter Clark

I had it all figured out: a gorgeous girlfriend, a baby on the way, and a firefighter career I always dreamed of. Life was perfect… until piece by piece, it all fell apart, and I lost my will to live.

Molly Fowler, my best friend from grade school, had saved my life countless times. She helped me heal, physically and emotionally. At my side when I needed her, she guided me to be a better man, while she herself was hurting.

But I was too blind to see what was right in front of me. I was too blind to see that we needed each other. I was too blind to see how deeply she was scarred.

Molly Fowler

Life is peachy, isn’t it? Well, maybe to those outside looking in. But not for me. I’d wanted to leave Hope Bay since the moment I understood that my family dynamics were… unique.

I left as soon as I could, but an unknown force kept pulling me back to Hope Bay. A force that would save countless lives. A force by the name of Carter Clark.

But I was too blind to see what was right in front of me. I was too weak to trust in his friendship. Above all, I was too blind to see the danger still waiting for me from a man I’d never thought I’d see again.

Note: Right in Front of You is a standalone novel that follows Carter and Molly’s story from Yours and Mine. Contains spoilers to Yours and Mine. Intended for mature audience only.

Curious about Yours and Mine? Visit: http://laceysilks.com/yoursandmine/

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Puddles are nothing but giant scary holes. My mother always warned me not to take the plunge because no one knew if the hole underneath the puddle was dug all the way down to hell. And so I never jumped into puddles. But I wouldn’t tell my friends why, no matter how much fun they made of me. I avoided the round mirrors of muddy water like the plague; I didn’t actually know what that meant, but I heard my mother say it often enough. It wasn’t until the first day of grade two, as we stood underneath the awning of Mr. Grafton’s convenience store, waiting for the rain to pass so that we could continue walking home, that Molly Fowler took my hand and pulled me out into the downpour. Our friends, who looked nice and dry, stayed close to the wall, enjoying the feeling of an afternoon sugar rush. Their mouths were full of Twizzlers and sour keys. Mr. Grafton always gave away free candy on the first day of school.


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Viv · 06-14-2018

It's sad, beautiful yet inspirational. How true love can overcome a traumatic past and ugly family history.