Risky and Wild

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The Alpha Wolves Motorcycle Club President wants me for his old lady.
Like that could ever happen.
Royal McBride is a total a-hole. He's rude, impulsive, and the rest of his club hates me. Of course, the man in question has a lethal swagger, a sinful smirk, and a British accent that melts my lacy crotchless panties. Plus, the guy's got timber wolves as pets and lives in a Victorian house by the sea.
How could I say no to that?
But I can never forget that he's the head of a criminal organization that's in trouble with both the FBI and a rival MC. If I thought things were bad before, they're about to get worse. Danger is in his job description; outlaw is his whole life.
A turf war between two clubs is no place for the mayor's daughter; in the tattooed arms of the man in charge feels exactly like where I belong.
Falling into bed with him was a big mistake; falling in love with him could be deadly.
A motorcycle club president … an aspiring politician.
There's no way in hell this is going to work.

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  • Original Title:Risky and Wild
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  • Rating:8.56 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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There's an outlaw motorcycle club president sitting outside the mayor's office.

He's leaning against his bike, a mountain of steel and leather and hard planes—and I'm not just talking about the motorcycle. Royal McBride is a wall of lean, sculpted muscle wrapped in dark wash jeans and a belt with a metal buckle in the shape of a skull. He has his black riding boots crossed at the ankles, a leather vest slung over his muscular shoulders. In one tattooed hand, he's holding a cigarette. In the other, a phone. One look at him and my entire body flushes from head to toe. I feel warm and cold all at once, and my thighs clench tight with a rush of memories and heat.

“What are you doing here?” I whisper, but it's hard for me...

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