Safe With me, Baby

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Guy Rule: No sleeping with your employee.

It only took one night for Xander Gray to know he’d found the woman he wanted to call his own. When she shows up in his office the next morning, after a night of endless passion, it complicates things. But, Xander is even more determined to have her.

Calista Lewis has always lived for the job, but she’s ready to take a different path in life. Working for Gray Security seems like the perfect answer, especially after she meets a man who makes her realize she wants more— with him. Finding out he’s her new boss is devastating, but she knows mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea.

Xander’s refusal to let her go makes it hard to walk away, especially after they discover she might be pregnant with his baby.

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  • Original Title:Safe With me, Baby
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  • Rating:8.2 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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Chapter 1

“Everything’s set for your meeting at Gray Security tomorrow morning.”

I heaved a deep sigh of relief, feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The last few months had been beyond difficult for me, ever since I’d gotten shot while on a mission in a country where my body would never have been claimed if my wound had killed me. The agency wasn’t supposed to have been running an op there, not without looping in their government since we were allies. I knew the risks going in—knew what the lack of backup could mean for me—but it needed to be done, and I was the best person for the job.

I’d barely managed to get out of there alive, but I’d done it and brought the intel we needed with me. It cost me a few weeks in the hospital, months of rehab, and ultimately my career since the incident played a large part in my decision to leave the CIA. Even with all that, I had ...

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i rizky · 10-11-2018

fastpaced storyline and happy ending in 30minutes read, I had fun

Lil · 02-10-2019

Yup cute short read enjoyable

Tay · 02-12-2019

Totally worth my break time 🙃

ad · 02-15-2019

so fast but sweet

Payl · 02-16-2019

Totally good

u. · 02-19-2019

Absolutely fast, sweet, fun, n steamy!