Say it Louder (Tattoo Thief #4)

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Dave faces an ultimatum—dump his toxic girlfriend Kristina or break up his band Tattoo Thief. But Kristina won’t go quietly. She has enough dirt to ruin each member of the band, and enough on Dave to send him to jail.
This stinking, bloody threat has haunted him for years.
As Dave hangs in limbo, a new star emerges: Willa, dubbed “The Parking Lot Picasso” by the modern art world. When a magazine feature catapults her to sudden fame, Dave helps her cope with the spotlight when all she’s ever known is the shadows.
Life as a runaway jaded Willa, and it leaves her deeply in doubt of her fifteen minutes of fame. Nothing good lasts forever. Especially not love.
It seems like everyone wants a piece of Willa now. When their music and art worlds collide, Dave's the one person who isn’t trying to take something from Willa, and who might have something to give.
As Dave’s secret is laid bare, a mystery unravels, pointing to his guilt and its dangerous intersection with Willa’s old life on the streets. Both must risk their success and the intense connection to each other to prevent their pasts from defining their future.

SAY IT LOUDER is a stand-alone steamy romance—each book in this companion series is a love story about a different member of the band Tattoo Thief. This novel is about 300 pages/ 75,000 words.

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  • Original Title:Say it Louder (Tattoo Thief #4)
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  • Rating:8.68 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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I’m shaking as I leave Tyler’s loft. Shaken to my core as I go through the motions: hail a cab, rattle off the address of my Brooklyn brownstone, swipe my credit card. Shaky fingers aim for the door lock and miss; I drop my keys and bite back a curse.

I’ve had a curse hanging over me for years.

Her name is Kristina.

Fuck. Why didn’t I kick her to the curb once I realized the dirt she was collecting on me? On all of us? Why didn’t I man up, take what was coming to me, and get through it?

Because I’m a fucking coward, that’s why.

I punch at the lock again and my key connects this time. The door swings wide to music from the stereo and the smell of garlic. Italian? It’s far too early for dinner, and the kitchen has nothing but a half-opened beer on the counter.

My beer. Since when does Kristina drink my ...

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Fantastic. A great read!!

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I liked it

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short and sweet

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Not a bad read