Secrets of an Alpha Male

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I'm Connor 'Alpha Male' Anderson. Pound for pound I'm the best MMA fighter in America, and I've got the brains, balls, and brawn to back it up - 230 pounds of pure muscle, infinite charm, and the stamina to last all night long. But with the biggest fight of my career coming up, I've got to keep my pants zipped and get my head in the game.

That's when Frankie Jones comes in. An amazingly hot yoga teacher, she drives me crazy with those booty shorts and sports bras. I'll hold downward dog as long as she wants so I can show her my cobra. She's a total bombshell, feisty, and challenges me every step of the way. She doesn't fall for my alpha game, and that only turns me on more. But how can I get myself into her skin-tight leggings, with the pressure of this title match coming up and my trainer's orders to keep it in my pants?

Before I met Frankie, all I wanted was to win this fight.

But now?

All I want is her.

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“Remember Connor,” Butch says, grabbing my arm as I open the door to exit the car, “pride comes before the fall.”

“Good thing I don’t stay down then,” I grin, stepping out into the huddle of mics and cameras held out to me.

They fire questions at me like a flurry of punches, some meant to provoke a reaction, some meant to draw my eye, a couple meant to throw me off guard, but I ignore all of them as I walk the twenty paces up to the KFYT radio building. The good thing about being two-hundred and thirty pounds of rock-hard muscle is that people tend to move out of your way pretty quickly.

Still, there’s a buzz around me, an energy. They feel it, and so do I. I’ve always had it, always had an effect on the people around me. When I was younger it was because I was tall enough to stand out; when I became a fighter it was because I mov...

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Raspberry · 03-11-2018

Another word for boring

Oneus · 01-09-2019

Hahaha Raspberry

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Fantastic. A great read!!

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I liked it

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short and sweet

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Not a bad read