See No Evil (See No Evil #1)

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Bad boys have never been my thing.
I’ve seen firsthand the kind of devastation they can cause. That’s why I go for safe. Predictable. Guys who will take whatever I’m willing to give. That way, I always have the upper hand, ensuring that my heart remains unscathed.

There is only one problem.
None of those men have ever made my heart beat faster, or made me feel out of control.
That is, until him.

I live by one rule. Treat others the same way they treat me. So, if Sylar treats me as though I’m his world, does it matter that technically he is not a good man? He’s good to me. He’s good for me.
At least that’s what I’m gambling on.
With the one thing I swore I’d never risk.
My heart.

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  • Original Title:See No Evil (See No Evil #1)
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  • Rating:7.62 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
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“Can we go and play?” I ask my uncle, staring longingly outside, where the sun is shining brightly. We have a pool, and all I want to do is go swimming. Maybe Spencer will shoot some hoops with me afterwards.

“After you show me you can do this, Sylar. Come on, stop being so distracted.”

I inwardly groan, then throw the knife one-handed at the target in one skilled, quick movement.


Of course I can do this. I’m the best student he has. At fourteen, I’m big for my age, and I excel in martial arts and weaponry. I overheard my uncle say I’m going to be an asset.

“Am I done now?” I ask him, and he nods.

I quickly leave, passing my youngest brother, Sebastian, on the way. As usual, his head is in his books.

“You okay, little brother?” I ask him, messing his hair as I pass him. “Want to ...

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ABy · 10-10-2018

Nice read

Angelfyre · 10-11-2018

No, not worth it, and be warned - it ends in a cliffhanger.

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Soooo cutee

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Swoon worthy for YA fans

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Totally good

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Can't get enough

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Soo deep...soo sweet..

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so fast but sweet