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Wealthy socialite Olivia Barton never imagined her fiancé would disappear on what was supposed to be a routine business trip. She's even more heartbroken and confused when a hired private investigator tracks him half a world away, to a seaside town in Colombia. But the country has recently been ravaged by a massive earthquake and deadly tsunami, shutting down outside communication and making travel all but impossible. Still, Olivia is determined to make it to Colombia to find the answers she so desperately seeks. What she needs is a guide—a mercenary.

The man named Thomas arrives in shadows, an unmistakable air of danger about him, promising to help lead her through the ruined, crime-infested country. But when Thomas and Olivia find themselves fighting an undeniable attraction, danger takes on a whole new meaning. Then again, in the lush jungles of South America, all the rules are different and Thomas and Olivia are about to discover that sometimes the thing you seek, isn't necessarily the thing you find.

Seek is a STANDALONE novel with a small, fun connection to the Sign of Love Collection

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  • Original Title:Seek
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.08 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
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  • Publisher:Published January 22nd 2018




"Here," my uncle snapped, shoving a burlap sack with a small weight at the bottom into my arms. "Find somewhere for it."

It? I folded back a corner of the rough material, looking inside. A pair of round, whiskey-colored eyes peered back at me.

"Reminds me of you, little half-breed boy," my uncle said, a cruel edge to his tone, a mocking laugh erupting from his barrel-shaped chest.

"Half-wit," my cousin sneered as he walked past, purposely stirring up dust in his wake. Anger and shame raced through me. I wanted to pound my cousin's pudgy face into the dirt. But I knew what would happen if I did. My uncle would pound me twice as hard and twice as long. Sometimes it was worth it, but today . . . today my hands were full.

I adjusted the sack in my arms and the burlap fell open, revealing a small puppy. Half his face was brown and half white, a clear l...

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ghost · 12-18-2018

highly recommended