She’s (Still) Too Young (She’s Too Young #2)

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I lost her once. It won’t happen twice.

I went to extremes to make her mine—and when the secret was revealed that I’d purchased too-young Veda from her father, she left me. Now that I have her home and I can breathe again, my life's goal is to keep her. Forever.

Unfortunately, her eighteenth birthday means she can walk away at any time. Earning her trust means facing the ultimate test of my sanity. Giving her the choice I didn’t give her in the beginning and hoping like hell she chooses me.

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  • Original Title:She’s (Still) Too Young (She’s Too Young #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.34 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published May 15th 2016


Chapter One



Veda is dancing.

Always dancing. Sometimes she can’t even sit still at breakfast long enough to finish her yogurt. Or she holds the bowl aloft while she twirls around the kitchen, moving her intoxicating hips to a beat only she can hear. The spectacle of her serves as my breakfast, although right now, she’s dessert, dancing as she is around the rooftop of my Tribeca penthouse.

Today is her eighteenth birthday, and I’ve thrown her the most ridiculously lavish party ever witnessed by mankind. Over the course of the last two weeks—since she came back to me—she has changed her mind about the theme sixteen times. Yeah, I counted. I catalogue every single movement and whisper she makes. The hours she spends away from me in school are fucking unbearable because I know she’s chewing her pencil or straightening her plaid skirt and I’m not there to see it. Having my dr...

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sodztar · 04-15-2018

love the book,really glorius

Nat · 04-16-2018

Not gonna lie

blisswhite · 02-13-2019

This book is epic,too bad it's so short.

Arden · 02-13-2019

Nice book but pretty short

Arden · 02-13-2019

Got for a quick read

Pamzy · 02-13-2019

What's the title for prequel called

Pamzy · 02-13-2019

Yah, that's JK's sooo over the top writing for you, pity could not find/read prequel of the book

blisswhite · 02-13-2019

The prequel is "she's too young"