Six (Men by Numbers #2)

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Book two in the stand alone series. Intended for the mature reader.
Men By Numbers Series

I grew up in the foster system and bounced around from place to place. I know what you’re thinking. Bad things happened to me and fucked me up? Don’t feel bad for me. I didn’t know a privileged life, therefore I didn’t miss one. I was what I was and I made it work. I actually had a few good homes in my lifetime, met some good people, but that’s not what my story’s about. It’s not a Romeo and Juliet saga either, even if our stories do revolve around a similar basis. I knew a real love, a rare love, a love between two people that were never supposed to fall in love. Rival gang members are never allowed to fall in love and it cost us everything. The things I learned growing up the way I did is this: Love is deadly and often not real. People come and go and only the rare few stick around when shit gets tough. I learned the hard way what lurks behind false smiles, and that deceitful truths get whispered in sexual moans. I was taught that dark souls are not born but created, and you can avoid them, hide from them or learn and become them.
Revenge sculpted and molded me into the darkest of souls, and with my wrath comes agony and torment more severe than hell itself. I took out six of the men who hurt my woman and I will be coming for the rest. Get in my way and I’ll come for you too.

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  • Original Title:Six (Men by Numbers #2)
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  • Rating:8.56 / 10
  • Genre:Fiction Other
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published August 6th 2016



Jordon was supposed to meet me an hour ago, but no one’s here.

There’s something in the air tonight. I can’t put my finger on it, but nervous energy pulses throughout my body and I have no idea why.

Fuck it, I’m not waiting any longer.

It took me an hour to get here, so it will take an hour to get back, and I promised Haley I’d stay at the apartment with her tonight.

She’s missed me, and it’s because I’ve been distancing myself lately.

She knows I’ve been seeing someone else, which is different for me.

She said she sensed it in her soul that I’m in love with someone else—and she’s right.

She and I have never been in an exclusive relationship. We were just each other’s comfort and best friend.

We took care of each other and I’d never stop loving her, but my love for her was different f...

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