SNOW: A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

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SNOW: A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

With December 25th fast approaching, brothers Stone and Conway Gentry have a lot more than holiday festivities to keep them busy.
There’s newlywed life to adjust to, a business to run, a baby arriving any minute and to top it off, an unusual forecast of snow threatens to cover the desert for the first time in decades.
Plus when ghosts of the past threaten everything they’ve built the brothers find their close bond and their dreams of the future tested yet again.
Luckily the rest of the loyal Gentry Boys always have their backs. Stay tuned because this season there may be more than one Christmas miracle on the way….

SNOW is a novella and it picks up several months after the epilogue of EDGE.

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My eyes snapped open even though the alarm hadn’t sounded. For a few tense seconds I listened in the winter morning darkness to the sound of my wife breathing beside me. There was nothing else, no loud noises or other disturbances that would have jarred me awake.

I relaxed a little and looked over at the bedside clock, noting that the alarm would blast on in two more minutes. Gently I reached across Roslyn’s heavily pregnant stomach and switched it off. She rolled her head to the side but continued to sleep. That was good. She needed to sleep.

I waited another minute, offered a tender pat to her swollen belly and then crept out of bed. The forecasts were correct. Two seconds on the other side of the covers and I could feel how the temperature had dropped during the night. This cold snap had already caused record lows in southern California before heading east to Arizona....

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