Stadium of Lights

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He can’t help claiming her. But can he love her?

Max Anderson enjoys all the perks of being a star NFL quarterback―including the women. He has no intention of changing his carefree, hard-loving lifestyle … until a twist of fate reunites him with the girl he knew growing up.

Abby Morrison has worked hard to become a physical therapist. She knows she needs to keep things professional with Max―but the truth is, she’s always loved him. Back then, she hid it. Now, it’s not so easy.

As they rekindle their friendship, the heat between them is impossible to ignore. Soon it flares out of control, and the fallout threatens to ruin everything. Can they salvage a future together ... or will the consequences wreck their lives?

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  • Original Title:Stadium of Lights
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.6 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781537241685
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 19th 2016 by Salted Pen Publications









“Nothing I like better than this,” Jared said, settling into his seat. He tossed a few bottles of ice cold Gatorade around to those of us who raised our hands to say we wanted one. I did, and I caught the bottle with one hand. Orange. Not my favorite flavor, but I’d take it.

“Okay, what’d I miss?” he asked, taking a long swig. About a dozen voices all started speaking over each other. But he looked at me. Even if I weren't quarterback for the team, I would still be the leader. I’d been the leader since my first day of kindergarten.

“They just finished warmups, which was meh. Not much bouncing around when they’re warming up.” I wished my Gatorade was a cold beer, but it would have to do as long as we were at the stadium and under the watchful eye of the coaches. No way they’...

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Sonya · 11-20-2018

It was good

Flor · 11-20-2018

A good one

Salti · 11-20-2018

It's good

now_nee · 11-20-2018

Simply sweet

Lil · 11-20-2018

Loved it!!