Stolen Away (Hearts of Montana #3)

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Elusive charmer Cash Walker is a tough-as-nails cowboy, except when it comes to the shy woman who shows up with a pretty smile, a wounded spirit, and a goat riding shotgun in her passenger seat.

Recently divorced from an abusive husband, Emma Frank has come home to Broken Falls, Montana. Lost, alone, and unable to escape the bullying tactics of her ex-brothers-in-law, she finds solace and friendship at the Tucked Away farm and with the handsome cowboy who believes in her and who helps her find her own courage.

There’s a darkness in Cash’s past that’s kept him from ever letting anyone get too close, but he can’t seem to stay away from Emma, who seems to be the one to finally break through his tough exterior and steal this cowboy’s heart.

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  • Original Title:Stolen Away (Hearts of Montana #3)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.46 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Expected publication: September 26th 2106 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Contemporary)



Chapter One

Cash Walker pushed up his sleeves and cocked his head as he heard a car pulling down the dirt driveway of Tucked Away. Taking a last look at the laboring ewe he’d been watching, he stepped out of the barn.

He took off his cowboy hat and swiped a sleeve across his forehead. The scents of autumn filled the air, and the nights had started to cool off, but the days still felt like Montana summer. Shading his eyes from the noonday sun, he spied a car heading toward the barn.

A woman sat behind the wheel of the old beat-up blue compact, and a black-and-white goat stood in the passenger seat next to her.

What the hell?

He recognized Clyde, the resident Tucked Away goat. He was a pain in the butt, often getting into trouble and wreaking havoc around the farm.

But who was the woman, and why was Clyde riding shotgun in her front seat?

He couldn’t exactly ask her b...

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ABy · 07-16-2018

Nice read