Strip Poker (Bad Boys Club Romance #2)

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Vic is a rich playboy with the perfect body and a heart of gold.

Monica is a no-nonsense kind of girl hired to reign in his naughty ways.

Can a B.I.T.C.H. (Babe In Total Control of Herself) let her guard down enough to let the right one in?

Can forbidden, nasty, hot-as-hell sex (with someone who drives you insane) lead to something more?

It'll be fun finding out.

Book 2 in the Bad Boys Romance club! HEA, no cheating. Mature content and profanity. 90,000 words.

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  • Original Title:Strip Poker (Bad Boys Club Romance #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.08 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published February 21st 2017



My name is Vic Cortelian. Maybe you’ve heard of me.

I’m a multi-millionaire, an international playboy, a professional poker player, and a helluva good-looking guy with the sexiest beard you ever saw.

But even though I’m a grown-ass man with all of that going for me, my uncles were still lookin’ to rip me a new asshole.

We were sitting in the boardroom of their venture capital firm in San Francisco – the corner office of the 48th floor penthouse, with floor-to-ceiling glass on two sides of the room. Through the right window you could see the Transamerica Pyramid, with Alcatraz behind it in the bay. On the left, the Golden Gate Bridge looked like a train collector’s miniature toy stretched out across the water.

It was literally a ten-million-dollar view. Which is what my two uncles paid every year so they could impress the bejeezus out of start-up CEOs who didn’t know any better than ...

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Jess · 02-11-2018

Awesome book, I laughed while reading this book. The characters are believable and well developed. Pls read it, it's worth you time.

Viv · 03-25-2018

This was rather interesting and worthwhile.

stary · 03-26-2018

Tottaly worth it awesome erotic and funny

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Ash · 09-19-2018

Nice read...

Yaya · 09-18-2018

Awesome!! Loved it

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Good story

Pamzy · 09-18-2018

Sweet'n short & nice read

Krista · 09-18-2018

Wonderful book!

Ms. A · 09-18-2018

Good one!

Pamzy · 09-18-2018

Good read

hadel · 09-18-2018