Taken: MC Secret Baby Romance

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He’s here to take what’s his.

Hunter Davidson spent three years in prison for his involvement with the Russian mafia, and now that he’s out, he wants only one thing; to take back his woman and child.

The only problem is that she’s run away, and seems determined to keep him out of her life. But, Hunter’s been waiting a long time for her. He’s not going anywhere.

Melanie Christopher is just trying to get her life together. It hasn’t been easy raising a daughter on her own, but she’s managed to get by. Then, Hunter Davidson, the walking, tattooed, sex god, comes back in her life, and she knows she’s in trouble.

But, can she forgive him for the pain he has caused her? And, is he being honest about his intentions for her and their daughter?

(Perfect for readers of Sabrina Page)

This is an 8,500-word story containing explicate adult sexual content with no cliff hangers and a happy ending.

Book Info

  • Original Title:Taken: MC Secret Baby Romance
  • Author:
  • Rating:5.36 / 10
  • Genre:New Adult
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published July 12th 2016





Damn, fresh air had never smelled so good. Even with the acrid fog that lay low over the area due to the nearby highway, I still had never smelled anything sweeter. The New Mexico air was too hot and too dry, but I barely felt it. Outside of my jumpsuit, I was a different man.

I spotted Sergei in the parking lot waiting for me. He looked exactly the same as when I last saw him; half his face taken up by a gap-toothed smile. He was a slender, but tall man who was often underestimated. Underestimating Sergei Blotnikov was a mistake that I had never made, but one that I highly enjoyed watching other people make.

“Khristos, did you get bigger?” he greeted, clapping me on the back in a hug. He smacked my bicep when we pulled apart. “You’re making me look bad.”

I ruffled his hair; something that only I was allowed to do, and fixed him with a jovial grin. “E...

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