The Attracelli Family #6 - Romantic Acquisition

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The Sixth (and last) in the Attracelli Series!

Conservative and serious Carlo Attracelli vows he’ll never fall into the gentle grip of love. Then he meets the outrageously dressed and shockingly outspoken Kate Avril and all of his previous priorities and carefully laid plans are blown away.

Kate is torn between her loyalty to Jamison’s, which helped her mother after her father left them, and the devastatingly attractive Carlo who is out to assimilate Jamison’s into the faceless ATI conglomerate. To Kate, he is the enemy, albeit the most handsome enemy she’d ever had the privilege to meet.

In the midst of their struggle, Kate discovers that the current owner of Jamison’s, whose motives she thought were pure, is in fact the true enemy. He is involved in stock manipulation and is trying to embarrass Carlo and steal millions from ATI. In a flash, her righteous indignation finds a new target and her loyalty, and her love, belong to Carlo.

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  • Original Title:The Attracelli Family #6 - Romantic Acquisition
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.26 / 10
  • Genre:Billionaires
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:2940012215376
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  • Publisher:Published March 11th 2011 by (first published May 9th 2010)


Elizabeth Lennox - The Attracelli Family #6 - Romantic Acquisition

Romantic Acquisition (The Attracelli Family #6)
Elizabeth Lennox



Chapter 1

“You must be the enemy everyone is talking about,” Katherine Avril smiled warmly as she approached the three men in business suits standing in the lobby area. She extended her hand in greeting to the tall, handsome man in the center who was waiting in the lobby. There were two other stern looking men behind the serious man but she assumed that this tall man was the one in charge. There was just an aura of authority surrounding him.

The center man took her hand in his warm one but stood there for a long time just staring at her. As soon as their hands touched, Kate was transfixed. The heat transferring from this man’s hand warmed her cold, nervous one. She had been trying to hide her trepidation ever since the announcement t...

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Trudy · 07-18-2018

Beautiful,passionate and absolutely lovely. Kudos