The Bargain Mail Order Bride

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Carl Richie’s wife took delight in making him miserable, often reminding him she wished she’d married someone much more deserving. So when she dies, it's no great loss. His problems, however, are far from over.

His father left him twenty acres and a stream that most likely has gold in it, but in order for him to keep the property, he must have a child. The last thing Carl wants to do is marry again, but he has no choice. So, with reluctance, he posts a mail-order bride ad.

Juliet Gilbert needs to marry someone—and fast. On a whim, she answers the first mail-order bride ad that will take her to a place where her past won’t catch up with her. From the beginning, Carl makes it clear he’s not interested in love. He only wants a child, and then he’ll give her a portion of any gold he finds on his land and leave her alone to do as she wishes.

Since love is the least of her concerns, she agrees as long as he never asks about her past. The two strike the bargain, and she comes out to marry him. What neither expects, however, is that bargains are far easier to make than they are to keep.

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  • Original Title:The Bargain Mail Order Bride
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.22 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published January 7th 2017 by Wedded Bliss Romances, LLC (first published 2017)


Chapter One

September 1878



Carl Richie sat in the chair in front of the general store as he waited for the stagecoach to arrive. He checked his pocket watch and grimaced. The driver was late. The driver had been on time when Phoebe came in. The weather was just as nice as it’d been when Phoebe had arrived. So what was taking the driver so long?

He slipped the pocket watch back into his pocket. Feeling the heat of someone’s gaze on him, he looked over at Hank and Wilber. The two stood just outside the door of the general store and stared at him.

Unbelievable. Even after everyone found out Jerry Conner had been the one who killed Lydia, Hank and Wilber still looked at him as if he was guilty.

“What do you want?” Carl asked, not in the mood to be polite.

For a moment, he didn’t think they would reply, but then Hank said, “You got a lot of nerve ...

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