The Billionaire's Adventurous Mistress (Bold Alaskan Men #4)

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Coming to Alaska, building a house and starting a new life – that was her dream. Until Chloe’s fiancé decides that he wants to venture out on his own in order to “find himself”. Then she’s left alone without a house, no car, a whole lot of building materials – and no way to build her new home.

Tucker can’t stand it. Chloe is the cutest, sexiest thing to hit Winthrop since…ever. And she’s sleeping out in a tent while sleet comes down, coating everything in ice. Not happening. He’s been half in love with the woman since she arrived and now, her fiancé is gone. Time to move in, sweep the woman off her feet and show her that Tucker was the better man.

But when the fiancé comes back, Tucker is trapped by his own machinations. Chloe thinks he manipulated the situation and, well, he had. Now he has to show her that he’d done it for her, because they were meant to be together.

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  • Original Title:The Billionaire's Adventurous Mistress (Bold Alaskan Men #4)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.38 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published October 14th 2016 by Elizabeth Lennox Books, LLC



Chapter 1


“Figures!” Chloe grumbled, as she stood just inside the doorway to The Rotten Apple. Walking back out into the cold rain, she pulled her raincoat closer and paced back and forth.

Should she go inside?

She paced the wet parking lot several more times, debating with herself.

He would know what she needed.

But…it was him!

He probably had exactly what she needed.

Chloe looked up at the sky, not even feeling the rain drops on her already frigid face. She couldn’t face him. Not today. Probably not ever!

But she needed…not him but…that smile. And her fix. Yeah, she would love her fix and he never failed to help her there. He always had a supply ready and waiting for her. Just for her!

But…could she face him?

No! HE was inside tending the bar! She couldn’t face him....

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