The Contract (The Contract #1)

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A tyrant by day, a playboy by night. That is the reputation that precedes Richard VanRyan. He lives life the way he wants, no concern for the opinion of others. He cares for no one, is completely unrepentant, and he has no desire to change his ways.

Katharine Elliott works under Richard as his PA. She despises him and his questionable ethics, but endures all the garbage he sends her way, because she needs the job. Her end goal is far more important than the daily abuse and demands she tolerates from her nasty tyrant of a boss.

Until the day, he asks her for something she never expected. A new role with a personal contract — fiancée instead of PA.

What happens when two people who loathe each other, have to live together and act as though they are madly in love?


That’s what happens.

Can the power of love really change a person?

Will they survive the contract?

What do you do when the one person you hate the most becomes the one person you can’t live without?

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  • Original Title:The Contract (The Contract #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.02 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • ASIN:B01D6TA9Y8
  • Publisher:Published May 24th 2016 by Enchanted Publications (first published May 2016)


Deborah Beck, my friend and editor.

This one is for you.

Thank you.


And, as always,

To my Matthew—my reason for everything.



I BENT OVER THE TABLE, the din of the busy restaurant fading into the background as I struggled to contain my anger. Repressing the urge to yell, I kept my voice low, fury dripping from the words. “What did you say? I’m sure I didn’t hear you correctly.”

David relaxed back in his chair, not at all concerned by my ire. “I said, Tyler is being promoted to partner.”

My hand tightened around my glass so hard, I was surprised it didn’t shatter. “That was supposed to be my promotion.”

He shrugged. “Things changed.”

“I worked my ass off. I brought in over nine million. You told me if I surpassed last year, I’d be made part...

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Aliya · 01-29-2018

It was one of the best stories I have read the emotions, the turns in the story were amazing I would love to thank the writer for writing something amazing like this that I would again and again.

Habiba · 01-30-2018

Words cannot express how much i love this book. I felt lots of emotion; the happiness, sorrow, like i was there. Wonderful writing skills

Blisswhite · 01-30-2018

This book is written beautifully and when reading it's as though the characters and emotions come to life.

Tameka · 02-04-2018

this book made me cry,laugh, got angry! any book that can make u feel such range of emotions is well written. great job to the author

Annie74 · 03-16-2018

So many emotions while reading this. Beautifully written

M · 03-17-2018

A well written book, I had some moments when I cried my heart out.

Tarita · 03-18-2018


Attia · 03-20-2018

Great story..enjoyed reading it

Sonya · 03-20-2018

This book was pure awsomeness.this is by far one of the best book i have read love the characters their pesonalities especially the love they discovered for one another.

Tanya · 03-24-2018

Amazing read,had me smilling & in tears.loved it!!

hadel · 09-13-2018


Ash · 09-14-2018

Great book

Emmeline · 09-15-2018

Ahhhh.... this book resonated so much with me as i have an aunt with alzheimers, and i think much the same way katy did. She hasnt reached the stage of not recognising ppl, at least me, and i hope she doesnt. But her short term memory is severely compromised. So i know the fears that come with all of it. But the entire story was awesome!! 😊😊

Marissa · 09-16-2018

Classic story about boss and his Pa, predictable but nicely written. Solid read I would say.

Dolly · 09-20-2018

Good read...

Ekta · 09-21-2018


ghost · 01-27-2019


u. · 01-28-2019

The story will stay in my mind.. it's so.. wow..

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