The Family (The Spitfire #4)

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In this fast-paced conclusion to the saga of Mouth and Shane, Arianna is faced with dealing with her pregnancy while gearing up for her new life as a wife and mother. She has one more obstacle before she can put her old life behind her; taking the life of the man she watched murder her mother. Shane is racing against the clock to get all his affairs in order. He wants all the loose ends tied up so he can settle down with his woman and kid and put the only life he'd ever known behind him. But with each passing day, he's less and less sure that it would ever become a reality, what with Mouth offing their enemies at every turn.

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  • Original Title:The Family (The Spitfire #4)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.84 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
  • Publisher:Published May 10th 2017





Prince of The City



I yelled out to the boys to get her pie shit outta the oven before following her into our room. She headed for the closet and pulled out a suitcase before throwing clothes on the bed willy-nilly. When she decides to move she fucking moves. “Mouth, when I said pack your bags it was a figure of speech. We’re not leaving right this very second.” Bloodthirsty fuck.

“What, why not?” Her face was like a storm cloud when she looked back at me before going back to her packing. It’s a wonder she’d survived this long without me there to protect her, knowing her penchant for just jumping into shit without thinking.

“I’m not taking you anywhere near that fuck until I have everything in place. Plus I have to clean up your latest mess before we go anywhere.”

“What’s to get in p...

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Leatmo · 04-01-2018

I enjoyed every minute of this book, all the spitfire series is cray-cray. Laughed my ass off

Racheal · 04-28-2018

Love this series. I don't think I've followed any series like this one and I enjoyed it. It was hilarious like hell and believe me I loved how Ari was able to keep Shane on his toes,always second-guessing.

selina · 09-03-2018

This story is the best series ever. Loved every minute of it.

Pamzy · 09-03-2018

Okay. Where can I find parts 1-3?