The Gate to Everything (Once Upon a Dare #1)

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Quarterback Jordan Dean thought he had everything until his long-time girlfriend broke up with him. His football rock star life had become too burdensome to her. Plus there was another teensy, weensy reason. Chef Grace Kincaid had gotten tired of waiting for him to propose. Ouch.

When Jordan wins the Super Bowl, he tells himself it’s enough. But he can’t get Grace out of his mind. When she calls, insisting they meet, he eagerly agrees.
Only to discover he’s going to be a father…

Grace had always wanted a happily ever after—her yellow house, the picket fence, and children—with Jordan. She’s not willing to settle for a shotgun wedding. But hope makes her agree to live next door to him in the dream house he’d secretly had built for her. The fire of their attraction and deep waters of their love reemerge as they become parents for the first time.

The gate between their houses becomes the key—to everything.
And check out Ava’s bestselling family series with a touch of magic, mystery, and romance…

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  • Original Title:The Gate to Everything (Once Upon a Dare #1)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.46 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published July 6th 2016 (first published July 5th 2016)






“The yellow house you love so much finally sold, Grace. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you.”

Her mom’s words cut her to the quick, and Grace Kincaid was glad she had stepped away from the party to be alone outside. The December air was cold enough for her to see her breath, and without a shawl, she was shivering in her conservative black dress.

She put her hand under her nose to prevent herself from crying. Even though she thought she was alone, there was no telling if there were eyes on her, waiting to expose her moment of weakness at this NFL party. “I had such hopes for that house, Mom.”

“I know you did, honey,” Meg Kincaid said softly. “You’ve pretty much had your sights on it since your dad built it sixteen years ago. But now that Jordan’s career has taken off, he won’t be returning home to Deadwoo...

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Krista · 09-14-2018

Well... this was boring... she wants him, she doesn't want him, she can't handle the pressure, she is triing to handle the pressure.. I felt exhausted after reading this... Isn't reading suppose to be fun? NEVERMORE!