The Heartbreaker Society The Liar (The Heartbreaker Society #1)

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Clarissa, Sadie, Ash, and Lily all share one thing in common. They’ve been hurt by someone they thought they were close to. So they decide to make a pact to get revenge.
But they soon find out getting revenge is way more complicated—and dangerous—then they thought.

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  • Original Title:The Heartbreaker Society The Liar (The Heartbreaker Society #1)
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  • Rating:7.5 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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Chapter 1



My life is officially over. The end of existence is coming to take me out. I can already picture my lifeless body sprawled out on the gross, stained linoleum floor of my high school, my own tears and my fellow peers’ continuous laughter surrounding me. What a way to go. Seriously. It’s like the most disgusting place to die ever.

Okay, okay. I may be overdramatizing. Technically, my life isn’t over, and I’m not going to die; just my social life. And that end of existence coming to take me has arrived via text message, which doesn’t seem scary, but the sender is.

Tears sting my eyes as I stand in the middle of the busy hallway, re-reading the text message from my best friend—or ex-best friend, I guess I should say—Queeny Harlington sent me this morning.

Queeny: Ash, after what happened on Friday, we all agreed that it’d be better if you ...

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