The Surfer Solution

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Allison Robbins needs to relax... or else.

The middle child in a family chock-full of Type A's, she's determined to get promoted before she turns thirty. What she doesn't anticipate: panic attacks that look like heart attacks, just before one of the biggest presentations of her career. Under doctor's orders Allison has to find a nice, physical hobby.

After a series of unfortunate attempts, she finally settles on the perfect pursuit for a California girl: surfing. She's even commandeered the services of surf instructor Sean Gilroy -- just the guy to teach Allison's uptight self how to chill. But aside from being unsettlingly cute in a wet suit, Sean seems like the stereotypical surfer: casual, laid-back and entirely certain that things will take care of themselves. In other words, the polar opposite of Allison's world of stress, coffee and more stress.

Sean Gilroy has never experienced anything like the force of nature that is Allison. Before he knows it, they're making each other crazy -- and making each other hot. But he's worried that she's never going to embrace his lifestyle -- and that the changes he'd have to make to fit into her life would destroy the core of the person he is.

As he learns to step up, and she learns to hang out, the two of them learn one important thing: sometimes, the last person you expect to fall for is the one person you really need.

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  • Original Title:The Surfer Solution
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  • Rating:6.2 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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  • Publisher:Published February 2nd 2017





“WE ARE GOING TO LAND the Kibble Tidbits account, or we are going to die trying!”

Allison Robbins nodded vigorously at her boss Frank’s vehement statement. She noticed that everyone else at the conference table at Flashpoint Advertising was also nodding in agreement.

“I don’t have to tell you how big this account is,” Frank said, pacing around the conference-room table like Patton rallying the troops. “We’re talking millions of dollars in media placement, more millions in brand-advertising development and creative development and direct mail. Their parent company? Only one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in the United States!”

Allison tried not to think about the fact that one of the largest fast-food restaurant chains in the United States also had a dog food product. There wasn’t any correlation.


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