To Hate Adam Connor

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*Lucy's story is a complete standalone*

So you may ask, who is Adam Connor? He is the recently divorced, Academy Award-winning actor who just moved in next door with his kid. He also happens to be an exquisite male specimen and the most infuriating sly bastard I’ve ever come across.

Let’s be honest here, wouldn’t you wanna take a peek over the wall to catch a glimpse of him, hopefully when he is naked? Wouldn’t you melt away after watching him work out as his five-year-old kid cheered him on? Do I even have to mention those abs, the big bulge in his pants, or that arm porn? Oh, wait, you would never spy on him? Sure…

While I was being thoughtful by not breaking and entering and was actually considering going over to offer him a shoulder—or maybe a boob or two—to cry on (y’know, because of his divorce), instead he had me thrown in jail after a small incident. Jail, people! He was supposed to grant me countless orgasms as a thank you, not a jail cell.

After that day, I was mentally plotting ways to strangle him instead of jumping his bones to make sweet love. So what if my body did more than just shiver when he whispered dirty little things in my ear? I can’t be held responsible for that. And when was the last time he’d kissed anyone anyway? Who’d enjoy a kiss with a side of heart attack?

Even if he and his son were the best things since sliced bread—and I’m not saying he was—I couldn’t fall for him. No matter what promises he whispered on my skin, my curse wouldn’t let us be. I wasn’t a damsel in distress—I could save myself, thank you very much—but deep inside, I still hoped Adam Connor would be the hero of my story.

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  • Rating:8.5 / 10
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  • Publisher:Published June 9th 2016



Chapter One


I believe in love. Wholeheartedly.

Seriously, don’t shake your head like that. I do.

I can picture those of you who already know me snickering. Well, don’t.

There is no need for that, and frankly, it’s kinda rude, don’t you think?

Here, I’ll say it again: I genuinely believe in love. I know all about its magic. Good and bad. I know the world seems bigger when you’re drunk on love. I know it mends broken hearts, makes you deliriously happy, excited, hopeful…terrified, sick…a whole list of things that make this complicated world we are living in a better place.

For example, my best friend Olive. She has loved her husband ever since she was a wee bitty kid. She even asked Jason to marry her when she was six years old. She was six, people—six! Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’...

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April · 05-02-2018

Good story

stary · 05-03-2018

This was really good

Viv · 05-04-2018

I loved it!

Tendo · 05-04-2018

luv it.

Anne · 05-05-2018

Great one!

cat · 07-11-2018

Loved this book!!! Lucy is hilarious and Adam? Damn he's hot Olive and Jason story was amazing as well. Ella Maise you rock in your story telling

Salti · 07-12-2018


Vienna · 02-09-2019

Interesting....hilarious..loved it

Lil · 02-10-2019

So cute

Arden · 02-11-2019

Amazing book, it felt so real!

Sonya · 02-11-2019

A wonderful read

ghost · 02-14-2019

I freaking loved it

Dee · 02-14-2019

Wow! just Wow