Unraveled (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance)

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Why didn't she tell me about the baby?

When I first laid eyes on Riss, I knew I wanted her. Her sea-green eyes sucked me in, her sexy curves drove me wild, and her soft lips set me on fire.

We’re sharing the same roof, but we can’t share the same bed. She’s so close, but she’s off-limits.

That won’t stop me. I get what I want, and I want her. I want her body quaking against mine. I want her lips clamped to mine.

But I never knew that I wanted a family, too. Not until I found out the truth. Not until I found out the secret she was keeping.

I claimed her, made her mine. We christened every room, every piece of furniture.

So why would she keep it a secret?

Why didn’t she tell me about the baby?


The last thing I need is a gorgeous Aussie with a filthy mouth who can’t stop talking about his... package.

Too bad I’m going to be stuck sharing a roof with Liam. He takes every opportunity to show off his amazing body… his huge muscles.

His huge something else as well.

If he can’t stop talking about it, I can’t stop thinking about it. But I’m not interested. I can’t be interested.

So why do I let him touch me, bring me quivering to my knees?

Why do I let his rough and hungry hands claim me, make me his?

And why don’t I tell him about the baby?

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  • Original Title:Unraveled (A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance)
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  • Rating:7.4 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
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Chapter One

A tornado is about to tear through my life. I just don’t know it yet.

And neither does he.

“What the hell?” I murmur to myself, slowing down the car. I look past the passenger seat and up into the driveway of my house.

There’s a man there, and he’s busy hitting a punching bag.

And he’s only one pair of compression shorts away from being completely naked. You know, the kind that athletes wear under their regular shorts?

Why isn’t he wearing more clothes?

Forget that! What is he even doing in my driveway?

I blink a few times before checking to see if I’m at the right place. Yup, this is where I live alright. Number twelve, Madison Lane.

Maybe I’m at a different Madison Lane. I almost pull out my smartphone to open up the GPS app—

Oh, for God’s sake! Of course this is the right place! I&rs...

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Good · 10-11-2018

Beautiful, hot, intresting..........

Salti · 10-12-2018

It's good

vanrock · 01-31-2019

Hot hot loved it

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Fantastic. A great read!!

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I liked it

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short and sweet

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Not a bad read