When Constellations Form (Light in the Dark #4)

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First came marriage…
Then came love…
Now comes baby in a baby carriage.
So, at least we did one thing in order, right?

It’s been three years since Xander and Thea’s impromptu Vegas wedding. Since then, they’ve dealt with family drama, his grueling NFL schedule, and her college classes. Now that Thea’s graduated from college, it’s finally time for them to move out and start their life together.

Things couldn’t be any more perfect.

And then a curveball is thrown their way.

Midnight feedings and a screaming infant wasn’t a part of Thea’s five-year plan, but, suddenly, it’s very much her soon-to-be reality. Xander is thrilled at the prospect of parenthood while Thea can’t wrap her head around it.

But, ready or not, here comes baby.

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  • Original Title:When Constellations Form (Light in the Dark #4)
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  • Rating:8.5 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
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“I’m going to kill my husband.”

My best friend, Rae, looks up from the box she’s packing as I flop onto her bed with a groan.

“Why? What’d he do?” she asks, folding a shirt neatly before putting it in the box.

The four of us—Rae, her fiancé and my brother, Cade, and my husband, Xander, have lived together in this house since the summer before Rae and I started our sophomore year of college. That was three years ago, and in that time, so much has changed. Rae and Cade got engaged, my mom lived with us for a while, Xander surprised me with a car of my own … So many more memories, but the four of us decided that with Rae and me graduating this year, there was no need to keep living here. Rae and Cade are getting married later in the year, and Xander and I are already married. In other words, it’s time for all of us to move on.

“He just kicked...

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i rizky · 06-04-2018

Xander is the picture of perfect husband. He is sweet loving understanding. Thea is a normal wife whose had a difficult childhood/teenage life and her anxiety when she learnt that she was pregnant was understandable. This story is so good. I had fun!

Lil · 10-10-2018

Love this series wish they made another book about rae an cade

Payl · 10-11-2018

Loved it