Wring (Road Kill MC #5)

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A Dark Alpha Motorcycle Club Romance.

LARIAT coming 2017!

From the NYT bestselling author of A TERRIBLE LOVE comes the intense continuation of SNARE.

Wring is a former Navy Seal expert knotter, and has given up serving his country to serve another cause: his club. He doesn't want commitment. Instead, he's satisfied going through life on a river of contented autopilot.

When Wring meets Shannon, it's at the wrong place and time. Wring doesn't need a woman to take away his numb; feeling is for others.

But Shannon deliciously melts away old wounds while Wring fights to ignore their growing passion. Can Wring save Shannon from circumstances that threaten her? Can he save himself?

Full length novel.

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  • Original Title:Wring (Road Kill MC #5)
  • Author:
  • Rating:8.42 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:9781311284181
  • ASIN:-
  • Publisher:Published September 28th 2016 by Smashwords Edition



Chapter 1




I bolt upright in my bed, the upper half of my body dripping sweat. My eyes automatically scan the room. Finding nothing but shadows seeking me from half-closed drapes, I toss myself backward against the soft pillows of my bed, trying to calm my racing heart.

Easier fucking said than done.

Flinging a forearm over my eyes, I force myself to take in my surroundings, moderating my breathing with a familiar, deliberate rhythm.

I'm not in the sandbox.

I'm staying in the fucking boondocks of Ravensdale. Having a place built in rural Orting. The club's letting me stay here until my house is finished.

After a full minute of coming to myself, I sit up, swinging my legs over the side of the narrow bed. My feet find purchase on the lukewarm scarred wood floor of the cabin.

Running a hand over my flat top b...

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