Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks #2)

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Book two in the HARD KNOCKS series will follow up PHENOMENAL X.

The conclusion to the New York Times bestselling romance that began in Phenomenal X, about one woman’s pulse-pounding relationship with a notorious bad-boy wrestler.

“What’ll it be, Anna Cortez? Are you in, or are you out?”
One momentary loss of control has now ruined everything Xavier Cold had going for himself. With his world unraveling fast, he’s willing to do anything to save not only his job but his relationship with the only woman he’s ever loved.

Anna Cortez, still reeling from shock, tries desperately to save the man that’s consumed her heart, body and soul. She’ll have to dig deep and find courage she never knew she possessed to help Xavier fight demons from his past—a past that’s even more haunted than she ever imagined.

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  • Original Title:Xavier Cold (Hard Knocks #2)
  • Author:
  • Rating:7.94 / 10
  • Genre:Romance
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:-
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  • Publisher:Published January 20th 2016




Chapter 1


A buzzer goes off, and the sound of the steel bars locking me inside a ten-by-ten concrete cell echoes around the room. I hang my head, my hair falling down, cloaking the sides of my face, as I close my eyes and wish I could rewind the last few hours of my life.

Anna was right. I shouldn’t have gone out there. I lost my fucking head, and now, there’s no going back.

“Cold,” the guard barks my name. “Let me know when you’re ready for that phone call.”

I scrub my hand down my face but don’t make a move to answer the guard. Who the fuck am I going to call? I have no family, and I sure as hell don’t want Anna to see me this way. It fucking guts me to know she had to witness my self-destruction in the ring and then the police carting me off in cuffs. I’d wanted to be a better man for her, but I failed f...

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